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Lm-79 and lm-80 test scheme

Energy star's latest standard, IES LM-79-19, was released in 2019. Lisun engineers have published the following article: the difference between lm-79-19 and LM-79-08. For more details, please check here: Interpretation of the latest standards of Energy Star ies lm-79-19.
1. Photochromic electric testing system
LPCE-2 high precision spectral radiometer & integration system mainly tests energy-saving lamps, fluorescent lamps, HID lamps (such as high-pressure sodium lamps and high-pressure mercury lamps), cold cathode fluorescent lamps and LED lamps. The test results meet the requirements of CIE and ies lm-79. The lpce-2 system adopts lms-9000b / lms-9500 high-precision rapid spectroradiometer and one-step molding technology to produce a new type of integrating sphere with carrier. The test accuracy of integrating sphere is much higher than that of traditional integrating sphere.
Measurement parameters:
Color parameters: chromaticity coordinates, related color temperature, color ratio, peak wavelength, half bandwidth, main peak wavelength, color purity, color rendering index, CQS, tm-30 (RF, RG), spectrogram, etc
Luminosity parameters: luminous flux, luminous efficiency, radiant power, pupil lumen, Si Chen visual lumen, EEI energy efficiency grade, Par and PPF
Electrical parameters: voltage, current, power, power factor
LM-80 LED luminous flux maintenance rate test: luminous flux vs time, color temperature vs time, color rendering index vs time, power vs time, power factor vs time, current vs time and luminous efficiency vs time
LPCE-2(LMS-9000)High Precision Spectroradiometer integrating sphere systen LPCE-3 CCD Spectroradiometer Compact Integrating Sphere System LPCE-2(LMS-8000)Integrating Sphere Spectroradiometer for LED LMS-6000 Portable CCD Spectroradiometer
2. Distributed Photometer (ies report and distribution curve)
LSG-5000 rotary probe vertical distribution photometer fully meets the requirements of lm-79 article 9.3.1 and en13032-1 article distribution photometer type 4. Lsg-1800b is a dual arm B - β test and a single arm C - γ test. Lsg-1800bccd is a distributed photometer with integrating sphere and goniometer functions. Lsg-1200a is only used for testing lamps with diameter less than 180 mm and luminous angle less than 180 degrees.
LSG-5000 Moving Dector Goniophotometer LSG-1800B High Precision Rotation Luminaire Spectroradiometer LSG-1800BCCD Rotation Luminaire Gonispectroradiometer LSG-1200A Compact Goniophotometer
3. LED luminous flux maintenance rate and aging life test system
The LED lm-80pl LED luminous flux maintenance rate and aging life test system fully meets the requirements of lm-80, lm-82 and tm-21. We suggest that some factories use sy2036 aging and life test stand with lpce-2 (lms-9000) for alternative testing.
LEDLM-80PL LED Optical Aging Test Instrument SY2036 Aging and Life Test Rack LPCE-2(LMS-9000) High Precision Spectroradiometer Integrating Sphere System

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