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Automotive electronic test scheme

LISUN provides a complete set of testing instruments and solutions for automobile R & D and production enterprises. The test solutions include lm-79-19 led CCD spectrometer integrating sphere fast photochromic electric integrated tester and CIE a - α signal lamp lamp distributed photometer, ems-iso7637 automotive electronic EMC test, en 55015 and cispr15-2018 EMI receiver, ip9k waterproof tester, sand dust test chamber and high and low temperature alternating damp heat test chamber in accordance with IEC60529.
1. Photoelectric test system
LPCE-2 high precision spectral radiometer & integrating sphere system mainly tests energy-saving lamps, fluorescent lamps, HID lamps (such as high-pressure sodium lamps and high-pressure mercury lamps), cold cathode fluorescent lamps and LED lamps. The test results meet the requirements of CIE and ies lm-79. The LPCE-2 system adopts LMS-9000B/ LMS-9500 high-precision rapid spectroradiometer and one-step molding technology to produce a new type of integrating sphere with carrier. The test accuracy of integrating sphere is much higher than that of traditional integrating sphere.
Measurement parameters:
Color parameters: chromaticity coordinates, related color temperature, color ratio, peak wavelength, half bandwidth, main peak wavelength, color purity, color rendering index, CQS, spectrogram, etc
Luminosity parameters: luminous flux, luminous efficiency, radiation power, pupil lumen, Si Chen visual lumen, par, PPF (only LMS-7000 and LMS-9000 can meet the test)
Electrical parameters: voltage, current, power, power factor
LM-80 LED luminous flux maintenance rate test: luminous flux vs time, color temperature vs time, color rendering index vs time, power vs time, power factor vs time, current vs time and luminous efficiency vs time
The lsrf-3 is equipped with a class a fast photometric probe, so the sampling speed is as high as 100 kHz. It fully meets the requirements of basic, energy star v2.1, IEC PST, CA, CEC, assist, CIE SVM, IEEE Std 1789.
LPCE-2(LMS-9000)High Precision Spectroradiometer Integrating Sphere System LMS-6000 Portable CCD Spectroradiometer LSRF-3 Lamp Start, Run-up Time and Flicker Test System LS-ELF 2D Vedio Luminance Meter
2. Distributed photometer for lamps and signals of traffic vehicles
LSG-1950 is a distributed photometer recommended by CIE a - α. It is mainly used to measure traffic lights, such as traffic lights, buses, trains, ships, aerospace equipment lamps. When the test sample rotates around the horizontal and vertical axes, the probe remains stationary and faces the object to be tested, so as to test the light intensity and illumination value of the lamp under test. LSG-1950s is an economical version, which is suitable for small traffic lighting factories.
LSG-1950 Goniophotometer for Automative and Signal Lamp LSG-1950S Goniophotometer for Traffic Signal Lamp
3. Object color and gloss test
HSCD-680 Portable Spectroradiometer AGM-580 Angles Gloss Meter CHTR-100 Reflection/ Transmission Test Chamber HM-700 Haze and Transmittance Measurement
4. EMC test of automotive electronics
The equipment of motor vehicle will produce electrical and radio frequency disturbance in normal operation. The frequency band of these disturbances is very wide, and it is transmitted to the vehicle electronic equipment and system through conduction, coupling or radiation. In recent years, more and more electronic devices with various functions such as control, monitoring and display are used in automobile design. Therefore, the electrical and electromagnetic environment in which these devices work must be considered. Especially for the disturbance of vehicle electrical appliances. These disturbances may result in reduced function of electrical equipment (temporary failure or even permanent damage). The worst cases are often caused by disturbances from the vehicle itself, such as those from the ignition system, generator and rectifier system, motors and actuators.
Reference standard:
Immunity of vehicle radiated disturbance:
Iso11451 "electrical interference from narrowband radiated electromagnetic energy of road vehicles - vehicle test method"
Immunity to radiation disturbance of parts and components:
Iso11452 "electrical interference from narrowband radiated electromagnetic energy of road vehicles - Test Method for components", GB / t17619
Immunity to conducted disturbance of parts and components:
ISO7637 "road vehicles - Electrical disturbances caused by conduction and coupling", GB / t21437
Static immunity of vehicle and parts:
Iso10605 "electrical interference from electrostatic discharge of road vehicles", GB / t19951
EMS-ISO7637 Multifuctional Immunity Test System RFCI61000-4-6 RF Conducted Immunity Test System ESD61000-2 Electrostatic Discharge Simulator EMI-9KB EMI Receiver Tester
5. Insulation burning and flammability test
ZRS-4H Interior Material Burning Tester HVR-LS Horizontal Vertical Flame Tester RSY-LT Hot Wire Ignition Tester RSB-WC Wire Cable Flame Tester
6. IP waterproof and dustproof test and IK, etc
Jl-x waterproof test system is designed and manufactured according to IEC60529, IEC60598, IEC60335 and IEC 60034-5:2000.
IP waterproofing test includes the following grades: ipx1, ipx2, IPX3, IPx4, ipx5, ipx6, ipx7 and ipx8 (refer to page 51 of IEC60529). The equipment is widely used in the testing of electronic and electrical products such as LED lamps and lanterns by authoritative testing institutions, and is also used for waterproof test of enclosure protection level by relevant quality control departments. Lishan provides waterproof test chamber with internal dimension greater than 2 * 2 * 2m.
IP dust proof test box is manufactured according to IEC60529, gb2423.37-89 (Test L: Dust Test Method), GB 4208-93 protection level (IP code), GB / T 4942.2-93 (protection level of low voltage equipment), GB 7000.1-1996, GB 7001-1986 (lamp protection level), din40050 and ip5k0, etc. Sc-015 is applied to ip5x and ip6x dust-proof grade test of LED lamps and other lighting products. Lishan provides dust proof test chamber with internal size greater than 2 * 2 * 2m.
The IK level is defined as ikxx, where "XX" stands for 00 to 10 for shell energy
JL-9K1L High Temperature Pressure Jet Waterproof Test Chamber JL-XC Waterproof Test Chamber SC-015 Dustproof Testing Machine IK07-10 IK Level Tester
7. Environmental Test Chamber
The environmental chamber is used to simulate luminaires working conditions, this kind of test will be required for the outdoor lighting products.
GDJS-015B High and low temperature Humidity Chamber YWX/Q-010X Composite Salt Spray Test Machine UV-263LS UV Aging Tesing Chamber XD-80LS Xenon Lamp Aging Test Chamber

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