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LED lamp test scheme

LED driver is the key factor of LED lamps. Its quality determines the life of LED lamps and lanterns. LISUN provides the following testing instruments and solutions for LED R & D and production.
1. LED driver test in laboratory
WT2080 LED Power Driver Tester M9822 DC Electronic Load LSP-500VAR AC Power Source
2. On Line Test of LED driver
ATE-2 LED driving power automatic test system LEDLS-60 LED driving power online tester
LEDRACK-100W192P LED driver aging rack
WT2080-OK  LED drive on line tester
3. EMC and EMI test of LED driver
EMI-9KB EMI Test Receiver
ESD61000-2 Electrostatic Discharge Simulator SG61000-5 Surge Generator CSS61000-11 Voltage Dips and Interruptions Generator
4. Safety tester
Electrical safety tester conforms to gb4706.1, IEC / EN60335-1, ul60335, GB7000, IEC60598, gb4943, iec60950 and GB9706.1. It can test withstand voltage (AC / DC), insulation resistance (IR), leakage current (LLC), grounding resistance (GR) and power.
LS9955 Automatic Safety Test System LS9923 Programmable withstand Voltage& Insulation Test WB2671B AC/ DC Withstand Voltage Test WB2681A Insulation Resistance Tester
5. IP waterproof and dustproof test and vibration test
IP waterproof test system is designed and manufactured according to IEC60529, IEC60598, IEC60335 and IEC 60034-5:2000.
Jl-x includes the following grades ipx1, ipx2, IPX3, IPx4, ipx5, ipx6, ipx7 and ipx8 (refer to page 51 of IEC60529). The equipment is widely used in the testing of electronic and electrical products such as LED lamps and lanterns by authoritative testing institutions, and is also used for waterproof test of enclosure protection level by relevant quality control departments.
IP dust proof test box is manufactured according to IEC60529, gb2423.37-89 (Test L: Dust Test Method), GB 4208-93 protection level (IP code), GB / T 4942.2-93 (protection level of low voltage equipment), GB 7000.1-1996, GB 7001-1986 (lamp protection level), din40050 and ip5k0, etc. Sc-015 is applied to ip5x and ip6x dust-proof grade test of LED lamps and other lighting products.
JL-XC Waterproof Test Chamber SC-015 Dustproof Test Chamber LVD-100KG Electrodynamic Vibration Generator System
6. Environmental test chamber
The environment room is used to simulate the working environment of illuminators, and outdoor lighting products need to be tested.
GDJS High and Low Temperature humidity chamber YWX/Q-010 Salt Spray Test Machine
7. On line test of electronic components
When you buy SKD to assemble electronic ballast or CFL, you may need to test the quality of electronic components.
UI9730 Magnetic Material Analyzer FD1772B DC Bias Current Source FD2810B LCR Digital Bridge HF2686C Electrolytic Capacitor Tester

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